teeth cleanings and examinations

A 60-minute exam that’s more than just a test procedure.
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teeth cleanings and examinations​

Comfy every visit


A naturally whiter and brighter smile can be yours in as little as 20 minutes while you relax in your comfortable chair and watch your favourite Netflix show.

Noise cancelling headphones

These noise cancelling headphones may also sync with a ceiling TV. During your dental treatment, you can watch TV. Relaxed patients allow our dentists to focus more on treatment.
Environmental Infection Control

Environmental Infection Control

  • Sterilization of patient-care items
  • High-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters
  • Use of hospital-grade disinfectant
  • Easy access to hand sanitizer
Cozy blankets

Cozy blankets

Weighted blankets have been proven to aid people with autism, ADHD, anxiety, and insomnia. Weighted blankets are essentially a gentle hug. We also do that!

"Every aspect of your dental examination has been reimagined"


For a speedier, safer visit, we’ll collect your credit card and insurance information digitally, with no cash crossing hands.
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our typical
wait time is
3 minutes.

We do our maximum effort to start each appointment on schedule. If you must wait, you may not even finish calling with your mom in your phone.  
CALL US AT 646-233-5233
our typical wait time is 3 minutes.​

In the house

This is an exam that attempts to avoid problems rather than simply finding and fixing them.

Cutting-edge technology

X-rays may now be completed in seconds rather than minutes, with 80% less radiation, and digital imagery is also included.

You'll never be asked to do anything that isn't in your best interest

If you don’t want or need the care we recommend, we won’t recommend it.

Sit down and watch TV

With Sony® noise canceling headphones, you can catch up on your favorite shows. 

Oral Cancer Screening Is Free

A quick screening ($70 cost) for peace of mind, absolutely free of charge.

Smooth teeth cleaning

The gentlest and most thorough cleaning method possible
a superb clinical team ​

a superb
clinical team

Excellent dental hygienists and dentists who have received many positive reviews.
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Goodies are
ready to go

Say goodbye to the old fashioned plastic bag you’ve used to carrying out from the clinic.
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Hi, Goodies are ready to go ​

We've got you covered

We partner with major insurers to get you the best care possible. No insurance? Exams are $400 (and we can help with financing).

Smile By Choice- Laser, Implant and Pediatric Dentistry review summary

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2 reviews with no rating

5on Google,May 01, 2023


Came here for an emergency root canal after being in immense pain for days - from the point of the appointment over the phone through the multi hour root canal experience, the team was communicative, kind and made what would have been a terrible day a great relief. Watching Netflix in the ceiling is a nice touch.

5on Google,May 01, 2023


I recently had a laser dental procedure done at this practice and was blown away by the level of expertise and care given by the dentist and staff.

5on Google,May 01, 2023


When it comes to pediatric dentistry, this practice is top-notch. The dentists are kind, patient, and make children feel comfortable during their visit. T

5on Google,May 01, 2023


They have the latest technology and expertise to ensure that the placement of the implant is done with precision and accuracy. I am extremely happy with the results and highly recommend their services.

5on Google,May 01, 2023


The laser technology allowed for a quicker and less painful procedure and I am extremely satisfied with the results. Highly recommend!

5on Google,Apr 25, 2023


I cannot recommend this dentistry enough. They provide excellent care and make going to the dentist a pleasant experience.!!

5on Google,Apr 25, 2023


Smile By Choice has a great bedside manner and always makes me feel comfortable during procedures.!!!

5on Google,Apr 25, 2023


The clinic is very organized and efficient. I never have to wait long to be seen, which is appreciated.!!

5on Google,Apr 25, 2023


The clinic is very clean and well-maintained. I always feel comfortable and safe when I am there.!

5on Google,Apr 25, 2023


The staff is great at following up and making sure I am happy with the care I received. It is clear they care about their patients.!!

5on Google,Apr 25, 2023


The hygienists are gentle but thorough, and always make sure my teeth look and feel great. I appreciate that they take the time to explain everything to me in a way that I can understand.!!

5on Google,Apr 25, 2023


The staff always greets me with a smile and a warm welcome. It makes going to the dentist a much more pleasant experience.!!

5on Google,Apr 25, 2023


Smile By Choice is so friendly and personable. Always makes me feel like I am the top priority, even though I know they have many other patients to attend to.!!

5on Google,Apr 25, 2023


Smile By Choice is highly skilled and experienced. I trust them completely with my dental care.!!

5on Google,Apr 25, 2023


The clinic offers a variety of services, from routine cleanings to more advanced procedures like implants and veneers. It is great to have everything done in one place.!!

5on Google,Apr 25, 2023


Smile By Choice is fantastic with kids. My children actually look forward to going to the dentist because they know they will be well taken care of.!!

5on Google,Apr 25, 2023


The equipment is state-of-the-art and makes procedures much quicker and less invasive. I appreciate that they use the latest technology to make things easier for their patients.!!


Soothing environments and state-of-the-art tech. Medically sanitized and sterilized just for you.

teeth cleaning
near me

Located in the heart of Manhattan, our studio is easily accessible and safe.
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Frequently asked questions

First, there needs to be a space in which to place a dental implant. So, in some cases, there may need to be an extraction first. In other cases, there may already be a space. Typically, a CBCT (cone beam CT scan) is done to evaluate the site in three dimensions. If there is not adequate bone present for an implant, then sometimes a bone graft is needed first. Once the dental implant is placed, there is a healing time, typically several months. If the dental implant is in an area that can be clearly seen, a temporary restoration can be placed. If it can’t, the area will be left alone to heal. Once the dental implant attaches to the bone, impressions are taken, and a permanent crown is fabricated to attach in one of several ways to the implant.
A dental implant can replace anywhere from one single tooth, to an entire arch of teeth.
Dental implants are needed in order to replace lost, badly damaged, or congenitally missing teeth.

Implants are often the most predictable, beautiful, durable, and safe treatment available to replace a missing tooth or teeth.

Dental implant maintenance is basically the same as for a natural tooth. When your teeth are being professionally cleaned, there may be different instruments used, but the at-home care should not change. Smoking should be avoided, however, as this can affect the long term health of the area.


Dental implants have long-term success rates of up to 95%. Once they are “integrated” into your bone, they will function just like natural teeth. They also cannot decay. And they don’t require any special at-home care.


Any surgical procedure has risks. The most common is if the dental implant fails to “integrate” into the bone and is lost. Common factors that affect this are smoking, diabetes, and poor at-home care. The second most common problem is called peri-implantitis, which is an infection around the dental implant, leading to possible loss of bone, or loss of the implant itself. In the significant majority of cases, however, implants can last for many years, with nothing more than routine maintenance both at home and at regular dental visits. 

Successful implants allow for function to be restored in a long-lasting way, meaning a return to desired aesthetics and ability to eat most foods without difficulty.


Dental implant placement is surprisingly comfortable, with very little post-treatment pain. Most patients return to work within a day or two (some even earlier). The time it takes to place a tooth or teeth on the implant can vary depending on the location within the mouth. Dental implants in the lower jaw typically heal more quickly than those in the upper jaw due to the bone being more dense there. The permanent implant-supported crown can be made and inserted once this healing (“integration”) occurs, which can be from 3-6 months. 

Every insurance provider has its own policies for what is or is not covered. To see if you’re covered, give us a call at (212) 406-3686.


In dentistry we never say “forever,” but implants can last for many, many years if the patient remains healthy, does not smoke, and continues a regular schedule of dental visits.


Fixed bridges often fail, and when they do, the most common reason is decay on the supporting teeth. This obviously cannot happen with titanium implants. Dentures, by definition, are removable, and they are typically a last resort for patients. Removable dentures, no matter how well they are made, will move to some degree, are artificially thick, and often not especially beautiful. Whenever possible, a fixed implant is the better solution.


“Integration” with the bone typically takes three to six months, and the rest of the process can take as little as two visits for a simple case, but could require additional visits for a more complicated situation.

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