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We’ll guide you through your options and take a 3D scan of your mouth so we can find the perfect fit.
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invisalign dentist

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Quick results

Quick results

It will take about two weeks for you to see the results. During your treatment, they will only get better.

Absolute invisibility

Absolute invisibility

Through your treatment with Invisalign, you can smile with confidence.

$1,000 off for only 10 seats

$1,000 off for only 10 seats

Take $1,000 OFF Invisalign treatment today.
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In the house

An exam that’s designed to prevent problems, instead of just solving them.

Cutting-edge technology

X-rays may now be completed in seconds rather than minutes, with 80% less radiation, and digital imagery is also included.

You'll never be asked to do anything that isn't in your best interest

If you don’t want or need the care we recommend, we won’t recommend it.

Sit down and watch TV

With Sony® noise canceling headphones, you can catch up on your favorite shows. 

Oral Cancer Screening Is Free

A quick screening ($70 cost) for peace of mind, absolutely free of charge.

Smooth teeth cleaning

The gentlest and most thorough cleaning method possible

All the way with you

Your straightening journey begins with an initial, free 30-minute consultation that uses 3D imaging to show you exactly how your smile should be. In fact, our technology can even show you how your smile will look after your teeth straightening plan is completed.Then, we will help you select the best teeth straightening plan for you and monitor your progress monthly with in-person check-ins.Whatever your plan may be, we will be with you every step of the way.

We provide Invisalign services

There are several factors that determine which type of treatment is most appropriate, but we find that most people are candidates for Invisalign. Invisalign works with each smile differently, so every case is unique & the exact treatment plan varies. The length of your case will vary depending on your needs; no matter how long or how short you need it, we will help you identify what you need.

results that
really work

Our payment method is determined by your needs & whether you need partial or full teeth straightening. An Invisalign case typically costs between $3,000 and $6,000. However, at Smile by choice, we offer $1,000 off for 10 patients this month.
Smile By Choice offers flexible payment options, so you may pay as little as $100 to $200 a month.
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*Your rate will be 0% APR or 10–30% APR based on credit, and is subject to an eligibility check. For example, a $4,750 purchase might cost $98.95/mo over 48 months at 0% APR. Note you must complete your in-person consult and accept treatment by 9/30 in order to be eligible for the $250 off promotion. Payment options through Affirm are provided by these lending partners: affirm.com/lenders. Options depend on your purchase amount, and a down payment may be required


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A personal




We've got you covered

We work with major insurers to get you the best care possible. Don’t have insurance? It’s $350 for your exam
(and we can help you finance it).

Smile By Choice- Laser, Implant and Pediatric Dentistry review summary

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2 reviews with no rating

5on Google,Feb 11, 2023


We had a great experience, we fully recommended!

5on Google,Feb 09, 2023


Dr. Choy was fantastic! She explained process and the affects of it. Great dentist!

5on Google,Jan 31, 2023


Had a wonderful experience here as soon as I walked in the receptions energy was amazing. The dental assistant Jennifer was amazing. doctor roe even the hygienist marinela did an amazing job. Love, this place highly recommend it.

5on Google,Jan 30, 2023

Jae Yoon

Incredible experience from start to finish. The front receptionists were very warm and welcoming. Considering I am Korean, they even pronounced my name correctly! (never happens lol). The experience was so quick and professional. My appt was 2pm and I got there a little early. I was taken in immediately and had my xrays and prep started. Blanca my medical assistant was very gentle and very skilled and taking xrays. Super quick and painless. The cleaning (performed by Dr/Dental tech Maribel? (spelling) was super painless and I was thrilled with my results. Cannot recommend this establishment more! Returning for a deep cleaning and may even add on whitening procedures. I trust them fully!

5on Google,Jan 28, 2023


Very nice people and professionals. You can trust them.

5on Google,Jan 27, 2023


Amazing experience, great hygienist, great dentist, and great front desk. All of my questions were answered and I learned a lot.

5on Google,Jan 23, 2023


Listen… these ladies are so damn friendly! They welcome you right when you enter the dentistry! They instantly knew my name! Granted, I’m not sure how many brothers stop by this place but I sure do know they have a patient for life. The place is extremely clean, Cathy was so wonderful and helpful. Dr. Choi is not only a delight but extremely skilled at what she does! Also, She actually listens and checks in with you while she’s working. I can’t recommend her enough. To be honest, I wish I found this place sooner, I’m not sure if it’s the smooth jazz that gets you right when you walk in, but this place is excellent.

5on Google,Jan 18, 2023


Thorough and easy to work with. Would recommend

5on Google,Jan 18, 2023


My 8 year old daughter woke up with a toothache and a swollen jaw. Of course I was anxious about finding a good emergency dentist to treat her. Thankfully I found Smile by choice. Dr Roe was absolutely amazing, her bedside manner was top tier. Her and her team was patient and thoroughly explained each part of the procedure. The receptionist and dental assistant was very helpful and friendly as well. Thank you !!

5on Google,Jan 18, 2023


I'm the type of person that never take the time to check my teeth and decided to take care of my health with this new year. I went to Smile by choice and had the best experience! The welcome, the hospitality, the professionalism of the team is above and beyond. Dr Roe and Marilena took a great and detailed care of me. And I really appreciated the advices for a proper oral hygiene. I will definitely come back for maintenance but with the advices I will avoid big work!!

5on Google,Jan 14, 2023


Greeted by most kindest staff and the atmosphere of this office speaks volume of good things to expect when I return for my official first appointment. Looking forward to it.

5on Google,Jan 14, 2023


I have been here for cleanings, check ups, and a procedure. Not only are they thorough and meticulous with their work, they also laugh with you and get to know you. This establishment is always clean, full of smiles, and more than just a dental visit. Whenever I come, it’s like hanging out with friends you don’t see on a daily basis. Love them. Shoutout to the entire team Leave your dentist immediately and come here instead!

5on Google,Jan 07, 2023


A very clean modern office with caring professionals

5on Google,Jan 06, 2023


I have PTSD & I'm terrified of going to the dentist since I was a young child. Like a plague, I avoided going at all cost. I've never had a pleasant experience at the dentist growing up. Now with that being said, I'm soOo thankful I found this place. From the moment, I walked-in...only the most pleasant experience. The staffs are soOo wonderful! They're super friendly & helpful. And as I waited, I was reassured everything would be fine. I was able to watch Netflix while waiting for the doctor to enter the room & throughout the entire procedure. The whole experience was a breeze. Received numbing swabs first followed by injections shortly later. A few minutes gone by & then numbing medication took full effect. Dr. Yoon Choi walked & said let's get started. It's a quick procedure & you'll be done within 30 secs. She was not kidding. She was able to extract by tooth in under 30 secs. Best experience ever! I will be coming back here. I finally found my go-to dental office. My Dentist is super sweet & awesome. But, most importantly she's very good at what she does!

5on Google,Jan 02, 2023


Everyone at this facility was outstanding All were friendly, kind, and professional. Explanations were thorough and any concerns were addressed in an easy way. The physical space is spotless and comfortable. Will easily recommend to others.

5on Google,Dec 31, 2022


Dr. Choi is an excellent doctor with great expertise and wonderful personality. She is very proficient and talented in the services she provides; in addition, she is also very considerate, thoughtful and friendly. During the visit/service, we also had an chance to ask Dr. Nam some Invisalign questions and he explained in great clarity and detail, and it helps a great deal to our understanding. The Smile by Choice is a wonderful clinic that provides the best service. Ashley at the front desk is excellent and effective in coordinating the registration, appointments scheduling and insurance billing. Furthermore all the staffs and other medical associates are all very friendly and supportive!

5on Google,Dec 23, 2022


Love this place super high tech very clean and staff is super friendly... from front desk to the back end... pure amazing definitely recommending to everyone I know!

5on Google,Dec 23, 2022

Frangelin Dianne

Awesome service! The facilities are topnotch.

5on Google,Dec 23, 2022


Very friendly staffs. I have a fear of going to the dentist since I was a child. But, I will be coming here going forward. They kept me very relaxed while they did my consultation & while I was getting my cleaning. So, glad my colleague recommended them to me. Thanks guys keep up the great work!

5on Google,Dec 19, 2022


I walked in terrified, needed a tooth removed and a bone graft. I had visited before and received an amazing cleaning so I was very familiar with their beautiful office and kind staff but the dentist visit is always very scary for me. They were transparent about the whole process from procedure to billing, no surprises anywhere. They were both compassionate and firm with with me knowing I was very anxious but definitely making me understand the work needing to be done to feel better. Their intention to help me with my discomfort and my overall quality of life was deeply felt. Anyway, I made it thru lol! Dr. Choi was awesome, was definitely in great hands and her team was great. I still have a long way to go, and I’m a lot less intimidated about the process having found this practice.

Beautiful, modern studios

Relaxing environments and the latest technology. Each room is medically sanitized and sterilized.

invisalign near me

You deserve to have a beautiful, straight smile! Your dental home awaits you.
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Frequently asked questions

First, there needs to be a space in which to place a dental implant. So, in some cases, there may need to be an extraction first. In other cases, there may already be a space. Typically, a CBCT (cone beam CT scan) is done to evaluate the site in three dimensions. If there is not adequate bone present for an implant, then sometimes a bone graft is needed first. Once the dental implant is placed, there is a healing time, typically several months. If the dental implant is in an area that can be clearly seen, a temporary restoration can be placed. If it can’t, the area will be left alone to heal. Once the dental implant attaches to the bone, impressions are taken, and a permanent crown is fabricated to attach in one of several ways to the implant.
A dental implant can replace anywhere from one single tooth, to an entire arch of teeth.
Dental implants are needed in order to replace lost, badly damaged, or congenitally missing teeth.

Implants are often the most predictable, beautiful, durable, and safe treatment available to replace a missing tooth or teeth.

Dental implant maintenance is basically the same as for a natural tooth. When your teeth are being professionally cleaned, there may be different instruments used, but the at-home care should not change. Smoking should be avoided, however, as this can affect the long term health of the area.


Dental implants have long-term success rates of up to 95%. Once they are “integrated” into your bone, they will function just like natural teeth. They also cannot decay. And they don’t require any special at-home care.


Any surgical procedure has risks. The most common is if the dental implant fails to “integrate” into the bone and is lost. Common factors that affect this are smoking, diabetes, and poor at-home care. The second most common problem is called peri-implantitis, which is an infection around the dental implant, leading to possible loss of bone, or loss of the implant itself. In the significant majority of cases, however, implants can last for many years, with nothing more than routine maintenance both at home and at regular dental visits. 

Successful implants allow for function to be restored in a long-lasting way, meaning a return to desired aesthetics and ability to eat most foods without difficulty.


Dental implant placement is surprisingly comfortable, with very little post-treatment pain. Most patients return to work within a day or two (some even earlier). The time it takes to place a tooth or teeth on the implant can vary depending on the location within the mouth. Dental implants in the lower jaw typically heal more quickly than those in the upper jaw due to the bone being more dense there. The permanent implant-supported crown can be made and inserted once this healing (“integration”) occurs, which can be from 3-6 months. 

Every insurance provider has its own policies for what is or is not covered. To see if you’re covered, give us a call at (212) 406-3686.


In dentistry we never say “forever,” but implants can last for many, many years if the patient remains healthy, does not smoke, and continues a regular schedule of dental visits.


Fixed bridges often fail, and when they do, the most common reason is decay on the supporting teeth. This obviously cannot happen with titanium implants. Dentures, by definition, are removable, and they are typically a last resort for patients. Removable dentures, no matter how well they are made, will move to some degree, are artificially thick, and often not especially beautiful. Whenever possible, a fixed implant is the better solution.


“Integration” with the bone typically takes three to six months, and the rest of the process can take as little as two visits for a simple case, but could require additional visits for a more complicated situation.

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